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Landlords Tax Services Ltd provides an on-line, fixed fee property tax service that ensures that the UK tax liability of landlords is kept to a minimum, and that all their tax affairs are dealt with on time. We act for both UK resident and overseas resident landlords. We provide tax services to a broad range of clients, from owners of a single buy-to-let property to those that have a multi-property portfolio.

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This website provides downloads of all the forms to get you started, including HM Revenue & Customs forms, SA1 (Registering for Self Assessment and getting a tax return), 64-8 (Authorising your agent), NRL1 (Non-resident landlord scheme).

Also provided, is a Microsoft Excel workbook, which you can download, to record all your income and expenditure on your rental property. Additionally, there is a paper copy to record the same, which can be printed off and filled in by hand.

The site also includes a comprehensive section of Frequently Asked Questions, and technical notes covering a broad range of topics including, the basis of taxation of property income - self assessment - tax penalties for misdeclaration - late filing penalties - allowable expenses - wear and tear allowance - depreciation - capital gains tax - income from abroad - residency and domicile - non-resident landlords - council tax guide - lease premiums.



Capital Gains Tax for all non-residents owning UK property
Non-resident landlord scheme changes

Tax in other jurisdictions
Changes in the rules for UK residency
Changes to wear and tear allowance
Not filed your Tax Return yet?
Capital Gains Tax and the Principal Private Residence Relief
Tax Crackdown on buy to let landlords
Can your house be stolen?
Tax reliefs and allowances on maintenance

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