As soon as you set your clients up with some rental income H.M. Revenue & Customs want some of it. Non UK resident landlords can’t avoid giving the Revenue a share. UK residents would be silly to try.

But a good accountant can minimise the tax payable by both.

Your access to Landlords Tax Services Ltd gives you an edge. It means you can provide your clients with everything they need to maximise their letting income.

The agent that offers a tax service will have an advantage over the one that doesn’t.

So, how do you do it?

The first step

In the FAQ section, we have assembled some questions about UK tax to which your clients need answers. Please encourage your clients to ask the questions and tell them the answers. Subject to availability we are happy to answer questions when your client is with you. Using us as an information resource will improve your business.

The second step

Give your client our contact details, and tell him or her that it costs nothing to ask us questions. If you have your client’s consent send his or her contact details to us and we will guide the landlord through what is required by HMRC.

Read also notes for overseas resident landlords.

The third step

Our helpline solely dedicated to letting agents is: 07836 236 941